Error installing rasa on Homestead (segmentation fault)


I’m trying to install Rasa on an Homestead VM, based on Ubuntu 18.04, with 8gb RAM.

When i run the command

pip3 install rasa

I always get the same error:

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I’m using Python 3.6.7 and I didn’t have any problem installing the previous versions of rasa-core and rasa-nlu.

Can you help me solve this problem, please?

Thank you

Hey @lcn47 welcome to Rasa :slight_smile:

This sounds a lot like you are running out of memory. Can you check how much memory the python process is using and how much is available?

Can you also please add the whole log?


I finally managed to solve the problem, it seems like I was indeed running out of memory. I had to resize the VM (the initial 18gb was far too small) and add a 10gb swap file.

Here are the guides I followed, if anyone has the same issue: