Entities aren't being extracted as intented


I was following the docs on RASA. I was trying to extract entities from a particular input statement. In my case, I was trying to extract the name of the user, but it doesn’t seem to work properly, since it works only for the names which I have provided in the intent.

DOC link: https://rasa.com/docs/rasa/nlu/entity-extraction/


 ## intent:tell_name
- My name is [john](name)
- I am [john](name)
- My first name is [John](name)
- You can call me [john](name)

Story: ## greet and ask name * greet - utter_greet * tell_name{“name”: “john”} - utter_acknowledge_name * thanks - utter_goodbye

  - tell_name
  - thanks
  - name

    type: text


  - text: "Hey! How are you?"

  - text: "Hmm, I know your name now {name}"
  - text: "I'll call you {name} from now on :)"

So, when I type in “My name is john”, it saves it in the slot, but that doesn’t happen with a different name :frowning:


some of the entity extractors such as SpacyEntityExtractor comes with build in PERSON entity that can you use to extract person names.

Hi, I am aware of extracting names using spacy, but it becomes inefficient when come custom entities specific to the chat bot must be extracted. Though, we have an option of using a lookup table, I am curious to know if there are methods with which custom entities can be extracted by analyzing the pattern from the input?

For domain specific entities you need to specify them. Lookup Tables will help you in regard to this