Enable a Model in docker-compose.yml

Hi there.

I have a Rasa X server set up with Docker, and I was wondering if there is a way to enable a specific model in docker-compose.yml, or the latest model, or something like this.


To enable a model in a Docker Compose file, you will need to add a section for the model to the docker-compose.yml file. The section should include the following information:

version: ‘3’ services: mymodel: image: mymodelimage:latest environment: ENV_VAR_1: value1 ENV_VAR_2: value2 ports: - “8080:8080” volumes: - mymodel-data:/data depends_on: - db 9WSYR Forecast

volumes: mymodel-data:

Once the section is added, you can start the model using the docker-compose up command.

Hello @oliverblane is there any update ? CheckMyRota