Does the value of an entity influence the action policy?

Hey there!

I know that the action policy could be influenced by the intents, entities and the slots values. But in the case of the entity, does its value influence the decision or does it simply check if the value exists or not ? Here is an example :

Let’s say my user could ask explanation about 3 things words :

  1. explain{“severity”:“mild”}

  2. explain{“severity”:“moderate”}

  3. explain{“severity”:“severe”}

In these cases, I want to respectively trigger :

  1. action_explain_mild

  2. action_explain_moderate

  3. action_explain_severe

Do the values “mild”, “moderate” and “severe” mean something for the featurizer ?


I think what you can do in this case is create a “severity” slot then pick up its value in your customs action through the tracker. You can then check if its value is either mild, moderate or severe and add the appropriate statements in your code.

I agree with you but … I’ve already a severity slot which is set when a user “says” : inform{“severity”:“mild”} … In this case, I want to register the information. I had to set autofill to None and rose an event when the intent “inform” is detected … I guess I will have to do the magic trick inside a custom action.


I’ve checked Rasa Docs and it seems possible to do this inside stories.yml. Here’s the link.