Docker-compose not getting "server is running at" message

When I try to start rasa-x (0.23.1) from a docker-compose file, I see "Starting Rasa X in local mode..." but either it isn’t finishing, or it’s just not logging the next message. I also don’t see any errors in the log, it just stops.

Without the "The server is running at ... " message, is there a way for me to know the username/password?

The docker-compose.yml file is trivial right now:

version: "3.7"


    image: rasa/rasa-x:latest
      - 5002:5002

Hi @jamesmf, Have you tried to follow the instructions of the Docker-Compose Quick Install ?

Following that demo, I was able to set the password.

I was surprised that simply starting a rasa-x container worked well for me alone, but when started in a docker-compose setting, it didn’t.

Thanks for your help!

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