Docker and Rasa modification

I am attempting to set up a deployable server environment for a custom Rasa bot with docker-compose. I have followed the instructions here: Running Rasa with Docker

However, I am attempting to solve a few more problems:

  1. Use my own Makefile commands from within the Docker container.
  2. Modify source “rasa-core” and “rasa-nlu” code while having a way to pull updates from the latest versions
  3. Get Duckling to work from within my composed environment.
  4. Integrate each container into BitBucket for autobuilding for version control.

Any assistance with this would be most helpful. I have limited experience with docker and docker-compose, but eventually want to integrate builds into a Bitbucket group in which changes to my repos (for the app itself, ‘rasa-core’, ‘rasa-core-sdk’, ‘rasa-nlu’, etc.) modify modules within the main Docker image that is served through Docker-compose.

Hi @argideritzalpea

I can help you with point 2

  • Modify source “rasa-core” and “rasa-nlu”.

For that matter, you need to create your own image using Dockerfile. Here is the content of my Dockerfile, I needed to add spacy for french. I am using rasa 1.0 docker image.

FROM rasa/rasa:latest-full

RUN python -m spacy download fr_core_news_md
RUN python -m spacy link fr_core_news_md fr

COPY config.yml config.yml

and then run docker build in the folder where your Dockerfile is

docker build . -t <name_of_your_custom_image>:<tag_of_your_custom_image> 

in my case it was

docker build . -t rasa/rasa:spacy-fr

you can find additionnal info here : Running Rasa with Docker

I hope this help.