Upgrading to Rasa 1.0 while using custom spacy pipeline

Hi everyone,
I wanted to get some help in upgrading my current project to Rasa 1.0, to make use of new features such as the SQL Tracker Store compatibility and Rasa X, but I am having an issue doing so.

In my project I am using the spacy pipeline, with the ‘pt’ model for it. Since there’s not an image with this model already on it, I created a custom image that uses the plain spacy pipeline, then downloads and links the ‘pt’ model to it and finally I run this image together with Rasa Core using docker compose.

Now that Rasa 1.0 got the NLU and Core parts together, I am not sure how I can have something equivalent to this setup. I also couldn’t find a Docker image with just the plain spacy pipeline for Rasa 1.0. What should I do?

Here is my custom Dockerfile:

FROM rasa/rasa_nlu:0.14.0-spacy

RUN python -m spacy download pt_core_news_sm
RUN python -m spacy link pt_core_news_sm pt

COPY nlu_config.yml config.yml

Thanks for the help everyone,

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That custom file looks good, you should depend on the new combined docker image though:

FROM rasa/rasa:1.0.1-spacy-en
# ...

Instead of copying in the config you should probably rather mount the project directory (or copy in all the files, data, config, …). Did you already take a look at the docker docs Running Rasa with Docker?