Deploy rasa core and nlu with custom files

Hi, I have built a custom chat bot which uses duckling and custom actions by following Tutorial: Building Assistants. I am using rasa version 1.6.1. Everything is working as expected and now I would like to try it deploy it as docker-compose. I understood how to deploy an action server by following Deploying Your Rasa Assistant. I could see an example to deploy rasa server with a default image at Deploying a Rasa Open Source Assistant in Docker Compose and at Building Rasa with Docker . But I feel that it did not properly say how to deploy a rasa image with a custom domain.yaml ,data, config.yml etc… Could you please point out me to an example.

hi @nadeeshtv ! The config.yml and domain.yml files are contained inside your trained model, so the rasa open source container has access to them when you provide it with a model.

If you want to see your domain & config files on the server, you can deploy Rasa X

@amn41 Thanks. I will try and update here

It worked. Thanks