Disable automatic slot filling in forms


in my current project I want to validate all user input that rasa collects through a form. This is done with a custom action server. Validation and custom answers work fine, but I have one issue: Rasa fills the slots automatically even before the validation step and then all data is sent to the action server, which has to overwrite the slots then.

Is there a way to disable the automatic slot filling in forms so that rasa can’t overwrite already validated slots? I want to set the slots only with the action server (using the the extracted entities that rasa sends).

In my workaround I would create every slot twice, one that rasa can fill, and one with the validated values. But I’d rather use few slots to keep the project simple.

Thanks for all help!

Hi @MichaBauer

Once the entity extractor extracts an entity, RASA will set the value of the entity if it finds a slot name as that of entity name.

you can achieve your objective in 2 ways.

  1. Set a different name for entity and slot and then assign the entity via action server.
  2. Add auto_fill: False for the slot which you don’t want to auto populate.