Slots gets filled even if form is not active

Hi, I am using Rasa 2.x

I have created a form which is activated on an intent and fills two slots from entities. I have put a statement which do not predict the form intent but a different intent but the slot still gets filled. Can I do something where the slots only gets filled by the entity when a particular intent is predicted (form intent in my case) and not otherwise?

@ChrisRahme Can you help?

Set auto_fill to false for that slot

@ChrisRahme Thanks for answering. If I set auto_fill to false, it will not extract the entity and fill the slot. What I actually need is, only when the form intent is predicted and form gets active, the slot should automatically get filled if the entity is there in the text. If not, it should ask from user.

I see. Try using a Custom Form Validation Action’s extract() method for that

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