Differentiating the start of conversation from middle

Hi! My bot currently send a message every time a user say “hi”. The configuration is:

- greetings:
    triggers: action_greet

But I want it send a different message if the greetings is send in the middle of the story. I already try write many stories with and without checkpoint, saying to do something different if the ‘greetings’ is send inside some conversation, but nothing works. Even if it is the middle of a form answering the bot answer with action_greet before even go the validation of the form.

I believe I will probably need to change this part of domain.yml, but I want to know how to do a story where I say: “do action_greet only if not inside another story”.

Are you creating your stories through interactive learning? if not then create through interactive learning and after than train your core and then test.

Yes, I’ve tried that too. It simply ignore the story.

it shouldn’t happen. can you share you stories plus all the relevant logs

Sadly, I can not share the all story. But I remove the trigger and the new story start to work

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great to hear that, if that;s the case then it must be the priorities of the policies :confused: