DIET replacement?

Hi all,

I have much love for the RASA community, but DIET hasn’t been sota for a long time now. Is the community working on something new?

According to the massive text embedding benchmark, SGPT-5.8B-nli or ST5-Large are performing far better than the LaBSE (which is the base model available for diet) at classification tasks.

Yes, you should try some alternatives for intent classification and entity recognition. Once simple change to improve performance is to disable DIET for entity extraction and try the CRF entity extractor:

- name: CRFEntityExtractor
- epochs: 100
  name: DIETClassifier
  entity_recognition: false

Another alternative is to replace DIET with your choice of featurizer and use the logistic regression classifier:

- name: LanguageModelFeaturizer
  model_name: "bert"
  model_weights: "sentence-transformers/all-MiniLM-L6-v2"
- name: CRFEntityExtractor
- name: LogisticRegressionClassifier
  max_iter: 100
  solver: lbfgs
  tol: 0.0001
  random_state: 42
  ranking_length: 10

Thanks Stephens,

will try both and give you some feedback.