DialogueStateTracker.travel_back_in_time not working as expected

Hi there!

I’m trying to reset the conversation to a previous state per timestamp. There seems to be an function that completes this but I cannot get it to work.

How can I overwrite the tracker?

Any help?

DST = DialogueStateTracker(tracker.events, None) # tracker.slots      
tracker = DST.travel_back_in_time(target_time=until_time)

until_time is a slot that has been filled with a float value, like 1613665082.0.

The custom action gets called as such:


The reason I’m doing this, is because I don’t want to sequentially run the /back action. I want to jump back multiple steps to a previous point in time.

Hi! Can you explain what you mean by:

but I cannot get it to work.

Does it crash? If so, is there an error message you can share? Or does it run and you’re seeing unexpected behaviour/results? If so, can you describe or show what you’re seeing?