Going back at a specific part of conversation

Hello, I’m making a bot for customer support, and I’m trying to make a custom action to go back at a specific part of a story conversation. For example:

* intent1
 - utter_something
* intent2
 - utter_something2
* intent3
 - utter_something3
* intent4
 - action_go_back

My goal is to whenever the bot reaches the action_go_back, it goes back to the intent2. I found the function travel_back_in_time from the DialogStateTracker, and wanted to create a new Tracker and return it with the custom action. I have a time that’s stored in a slot, and retrieve when I want to go back to that certain point of the conversation, My code is as follows:

class ActionGoBack(Action):

def name(self):
    return 'action_go_back'

def run(self, dispatcher, tracker: 'DialogueStateTracker', domain: Domain):
    time_to_go_back = tracker.get_slot('time')  
    new_tracker = tracker.travel_back_in_time(time_to_go_back )

But it outputs this message: AttributeError: ‘Tracker’ object has no attribute ‘travel_back_in_time’

Maybe I misunderstood wrongly the use of this function, any kind of help will be appreciated.

Edit: Nevermind, I solved my issue in a different way.

How did you solve this? @halesgg