Tracker and DialogueStateTracker

After updating from 0.10.4 to 0.13.3 I’m having a few issues concerning the use of Tracker (now imported from rasa_core_sdk) and DialogueStateTracker. I couldn’t figure out how they interchangeably relate to each other.

Why I need it: For data gathering, after each conversation we dump the dialogue to a .md. It was done using a custom Action. But now, in each bot interaction the object that’s being transacted is Tracker, which we don’t have access to any of the state of the dialogue.

I’m at the moment trying to somehow create a DialogueStateTracker from a Tracker but I was wondering if there’s a cleverer way to deal with this situation since it seems a sluggish solution.

FYI: I’m afraid this is not the right place but the information on the documentation should be updated on the run() since now it returns a Tracker not a DialogueStateTracker.

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Hi thank you for documentation issue, do you mind creating a PR to fix that?