Development methodology

Hey guys,

I don’t know if this has been discussed in the past, but I was wondering if there’s any resource out there, that someone here has been following when developing virtual assistants.

I’m looking for some kind of cheatsheet or blog post, that shows what to look at and what to focus on when writing Rasa code let’s say.

Something like steps to follow, one example would be what to write first, stories/rules? Intents? When you write intents → specify them in the domain file When having multiple stories, create a folder and separate files for each of their scopes?

I am not sure if I’m being clear. But if someone has some kind of resource that follows what I’ve written above, I would be really interested in seeing it. If not, if there are experienced developers that want to have a chat with me, to define a way of working, we could easily write a blog post or forum post to describe it and help newcomers. I know there is the Rasa Docs, but that’s a bit more complex, and where’s so much information, it’s easy to lose yourself in the middle of the development process.

If someone has resources on the lifecycle of such a project (that’s focusing on virtual assistants) I would love to check them out!

LE: Found this Rasa blog post which is really helpful, but some kind of template/cheatsheet would be even more useful.

Regards, Brian

@georgebrianb There are a couple of (free) courses which seem like a good start for you: Rasa Courses for Every Level . There is also the Rasa cheatsheet which you can find here. Also worth checking out the youtube channel: