Deprecating the NLU & Rasa Stack starter packs

(Thomas Metcalfe) #1

Hello everyone,

As you may know, the advent of the new merged repository brought with it a significantly improved command line interface so that the Rasa community could streamline the building and testing of their AI assistants.

As part of this, we included a command rasa init, which creates a new project for the user in a standard format. This project includes an actions file, example configurations for endpoints and connectors, and all data and other files necessary to train a simple AI assistant.

Previously, we encouraged Rasa users to begin development through our sample “starter pack” projects, which were very similar in nature to the project created by rasa init. Since we don’t want conflicting starting points for our users, we have decided that rasa init is a more beneficial way of introducing them to the project structure and to the software. Therefore with a heavy heart, we announce we have removed the starter pack repositories from Github.

We want to thank everyone who downloaded the packs, played with them, left issues on the board and especially to those who contributed code to improve them. We’re happy to see the packs became so popular.

If you still wish to see a sample bot repository on Github, then you can check out the code for Sara - the Rasa demo bot, which was written by the team here at Rasa. And of course, if you have any improvements to make to the rasa init code, we would gladly welcome your contributions.

Grab the NLU training dataset!