Deploy Rasa X on server using docker

Hey, I installed the Rasa X on server using Docker and follow the instructions given in the quick install Docs. This creates some files in /etc/rasa/ directory but i’m very confused because these are files are different from the files which we create using the rasa --init command. How can i understand this?

And when i go to my domain in browser in runs Rasa X perfectly but no response comes when i ask any question.

Please help

Hi @PureLogics, in deployed mode stuff is a bit different, after putting everything up with sudo docker-compose up, you’ll have to upload a model. Do you have any models in your models page yet? If not there is a command in the top right to upload a model.

Yes i have a model after training. But how can i get those files which created when running rasa init command in local

They are packaged within the model :slight_smile: