Deploy RASA on AWS (Requirement)


I want to deploy RASA on Amazon Web Service in an EC2 but I have some doubts about machine requirements. Is RASA CPU or GPU demanding? What configuration do you recommend? I have read A LOT about these items, but I didn’t find anything about this. Yes, I found requirements for RASA X in other post, but not for RASA. So I don’t know, is the requirement are the same or not. I´m thinking is use some of these: c5.xlarge (4 vCPUs-8GB RAM) o c5.2xlarge (8 vCPUs-16GB RAM) o c5.2xlarge (4 vCPUs-8GB RAM) o c5d.2xlarge (8 vCPUs-16GB RAM), but no one have GPU dedicate.


hi @Nicanor - thanks for posting! Are yourunning a single instance of Rasa? 2vCPUs and 4Gb of RAM should be enough for a single instance. You don’t need a GPU

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@Nicanor another option could also be to setup a ECS cluster and setup auto scaling if you wanted to always ensure the best performance as well.

You would have to use ec2 for now and not Fargate due to the volume requirements for the training data.

Just another option as well to look into when you go more to production level. So you could have smaller instances running and they scale up and down on load so you aren’t paying for $$ beefy boxes.

Something to think about as well

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