How to Deploy Rasa ( Open-Source ) on AWS Fargate

I am trying to deploy Rasa on AWS Fargate. There are two tasks running on Cluster. One is Rasa-Server and another one is Rasa-Action-Server.

The problem is when increase the load Rasa-Server and Rasa-Action-Server keep restarting. I have configured 4 vcpus and 16GB for memory.

Is there any recommend guideline to explain how we can deploy rasa on Fargate. Or is there any configuration changes for Rasa when production deployment.

Thank you.

I’m wondering if Fargate assumes a /health or /alive endpoint for it’s containers that Rasa doesn’t offer. I’m not familiar with Fargate but most cloud tools require this. @Tharanga, can you confirm what requirements Fargate containers must have?

Thank you @koaning . I configured the action-server /health endpoint for AWS ALB health check. Restarting issue was resolved after that.

Then I got another issue. I am using AWS DynamoDB as TrackerStore. I got exception ProvisionedThroughputExceededException. This is cause of Read/write capacity limitation from the DynamoDB side.

I changed that capacity mode into On-demand mode. Now it’s working as expected.

Thank you.