Delete Bot Message on Telegram channel

I wonder is there a way to delete/edit the latest bot message to user via telegram channel. Telegram did provide the API for it, it looks like:

bot.delete_message(chat_id=message.chat_id, message_id=message.message_id, *args, **kwargs) OR bot.edit_message_text(chat_id=message.chat_id,message_id=message.message_id, *args, **kwargs)

The only problem I do not seem to find the message_id of the bot message anywhere. I can only find the message_id of user within class TelegramInput(InputChannel), but not of bot within class TelegramOutput(Bot, OutputChannel), where the edit/delete should be done.

Hi @dukeng96. Just to better understand your problem - at what stage do you want to edit/delete the bot message and why? Is it something you would do after the message is sent or before? If it is before, then you should should be able to modify the message before it gets sent to the user inside the send_text_message() function of the output channel.

hi. i have the same question. i would like to edit the bot message that is already sent. is there any way to access telegram’s api to edit?