Customizing request and response

hi All how to get the intent name when i sending the request from a web template

request { “query”:“hi”, intent: “greet”


i have to save into database

can you be a bit more specific please?

Is this about rasa core or rasa Nlu

my requirment is save the query with his intent name in database . suppose user says hi then it match witch greet intent and save hi and greet into my database and then give the response related to greet action,.

now only i am geeting hi and response related greet action

can you refer dialogflow request and response


"resolvedQuery": "yes",

  "intentId": "",
  "intentName": "Default Welcome Intent - q1"

You can refer to the tracker object

It saves the full history of the conversation. Keep in mind this is using Rasa Core to save everything

For Rasa NLU, it is simple to save the history I suppose, hit parse and it will return you the result which you can save directly.

Can you please elaborate it.

usually with rasa core, you can save everything using a tracker_store while with Rasa NLU, it is an API call you can simply log the API request/response like usual