Custom User Message On Button?


I was wondering if it’s possible to have custom messages on the payload. As an example think of a question with a yes no answer:

The buttons would be something like

  • title: Yes

    payload: /affirm

  • title: No

    payload: /deny

When the user clicks on No it sends a message showing /deny back to the bot. Is there anyway to overwrite how it looks on the UI to the user so they don’t see that intent being sent back as /intent?

In this example I’d want it to show something back like ‘Yes’ instead of /affirm

Hello @bobobobbins!

In this section specified information on how to use the buttons in Rasa:

You should have something similar to the following:

  - text: "Hey! How are you?"
    - title: "great"
      payload: "great"
    - title: "super sad"
      payload: "super sad"

Hey, thanks for the reply. The buttons are currently working but on the ui when you click on a button it sends the /intent message back to the bot I was wondering if there is a way to mask that because I think clients can think it is ugly.

As in example:

  - text: I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. Resolutions can be found
      at sadadasdadl. Did this resolve your issue?
    - title: Yes
      payload: /affirm
    - title: No
      payload: /deny

But though this works, it shows the /affirm being sent back in the ui

Try replacing “/affirm” with “Yes, it served me” or “No, it didn’t help me”.

Remember that you must prepare your bot to be able to interpret phrases with affirmative and negative intentions.