Custom paths

Hello everyone,

I’m developing a rasa chatbot, but I need to change my working paths, modifying the default structure. To do this, I write custom functions where I run, for example, the training, or the rasa server. is this the best option?

Right now, an example of my code is:

    def execute(self):
        default_path = Constants.DEFAULT_RASA_PATH

        args = argparse.Namespace()
        args.loglevel = "DEBUG"
        args.log_file = default_path + "rasa_server_logfile.log"
        args.endpoints = Constants.DEFAULT_RASA_ENDPOINTS_PATH
        args.credentials = Constants.DEFAULT_RASA_CREDENTIALS_PATH
        args.enable_api = True
        args.remote_storage = None
        args.model = Constants.DEFAULT_RASA_MODELS_PATH
        args.cors = "*"

Where constants contains the new routes and other constants to apply.

I have two questions:

  • The loglevel doesn’t change, is there any way to do that?
  • Can I just modify the default constants with less code?

Thank you!