Custom action along with MySql database

I have deployed RASA X using the Quick install script. My custom actions requires mysql database.

Should I build action server & mysql database as separate containers and deploy it ? What is the best approach in this scenario ?

It is always suggestible to build a separate container for db. I have been doing this for multiple projects.


services: rasa: image: rasa/rasa

actions: image : rasa/rasa-sdk

database: imge: mysql depends_on: - actions

Thanks @ChikkaUdayaSai.

My deployment was done using Quick install script. For action server image, I can use the Action Server Image environment variable and update it.

Any docs / article on how to deploy the database image into the existing setup.

Try this @siriusraja .

Hi @ChikkaUdayaSai

Thank you for the suggestion. I believe you are using Docker-Compose method for all your projects Right ?

Yes. For most of them.