Create Rasa X plugins


I need to add several web forms to Rasa X in order to introduce some data and generate examples from it. This data is very specific for the task I’m doing and for my project is not possible to introduce that data manually add examples for each element of the data. Therefore, my idea is to add features to the UI to include several web forms to manage this data and to generate later the examples for Rasa automatically from that data.

Is there any develop API for Rasa X? Is it possible to add some kind of plugins to the Rasa X interface?


Hi José,

I don’t have an answer regarding Rasa X, but I was wondering what your specific goal is? You mention data import and example generation. I’m wondering if you could generate your training data by using custom Python scripts and open source libraries like GitHub - SimGus/Chatette: A powerful dataset generator for Rasa NLU, inspired by Chatito which allow you to generate many (labeled) NLU examples from limited rules.

Hi Eugen,

The customer wants a chatbot which is able to find the definitions of a list of terms. We have a term catalogue with a list of terms and their definitions and a collection of example of questions with placeholders. For example:

What is a {Term}? I don’t know what mean {Term} Could you tell me what is {Term}? …

With the list of terms (thousands of them) I generate the samples getting a significant proportion of terms.

Interesting. What are you going to do with the examples? Are you using {term}s as entities, or are you creating thousands of intents?

With all the generated examples I’m training the Rasa model. I just create one intent “definition” and relate it to an new Rasa action to return the definition of that term. Therefore, when Rasa detects a questions with a term of my catalogue, and if it is well trained, then it say to the new Rasa action that a definition of a term is required.