Rasa X survey

Hello Rasa-Team,

your Rasa X survey just opened, when I was reading the docs. It was about a interview next week and also asking for feedback about the product. Unfortunately I got this response: Unbenannt

But Iam lucky, because I always save longer texts, before I submit a form. So here is my feedback for Rasa X:

At first the usability should be improved! Iam still working directly in the nlu/nlp files to develop the bot. It is easier and faster. You can organize large parts of data much better. As an developer, I won’t use Rasa X. I use it only as an endpoint to review the conversations. If there is something in the NLU Inbox, I copy it to my text editor, so I don’t have to sync with git. Also developing actions is not possible in Rasa X. Adding new NLU data takes much time. Watson Assistant does a better job there. It has one view for one intent, in that you can see all the example sentences and add new ones. In Rasa X you have a long list with everything and always choose the intent title for a new example. My wish for christmas is a greatly improved usability.