Create a WhatsApp chatbot

I want to create a WhatsApp chatbot. Can you please suggest some of the solution for this?

hey @ruslan read this blog it may help you :slight_smile:

Hi Ruslan, I want to do the same thing. How far did you get?

@ruslan, @tim.bramwell, Have you got the solution?

Use Twilio

@ruslan, @tim.bramwell I also try the same. I am almost have done using callbackinput method. I don’t know whether it is the right method. However, I managed to get response from rasa to WhatsApp. But i am facing an error in return of callback function. For your reference link.

I don’t think using Twilio sandbox will be a final solution, since the only provided way is to use the sandbox, which is not a product deployment solution.

Hey @ruslan

To create a WhatsApp bot you need to follow the main four primary steps:

  1. Purchase WhatsApp Business API from WotNot
  2. Build a no-code WhatsApp chatbot on WotNot
  3. Develop a Conversation Flow
  4. Deploy and Test the WhatsApp bot

Coming to the first step, some of the top companies providing WhatsApp business API like Karix, Twilio, Gupshup, and Unifonic. The cost would generally depend on the vendor, but you can expect around $0.003 to $0.005 per message sent. You need to create an account on any one of these sites as a first step of building a WhatsApp Bot. For example, let’s create an account on Karix. You sign up, and you’ll get a unique account ID and account Token.

If you want to skip this process entirely, WotNot can purchase a WhatsApp Business API for you. Also, WotNot will help you to create a no-code WhatsApp Bot. Read this blog it may help you: