Connect rasa with whatsapp api without using twilo or any other providers

So I have my whatsapp business account verified and I can use whatsapp api to send messages and receive messages on my whatsapp business number. I made a flask webhook to receive messages sent to my whatsapp business number and send messages back to users , is there any way I can connect that to my rasa chatbot or any guide lines I should follow to make it happen?

You can create a custom connector to do this; it sounds like you’d need to base it off of the REST connector. Since the Whatsapp API isn’t generally available, there’s no maintained connector directly to it.

Hi @mloubser , so I was able to make the input channel and the bot replies to user messages from whatsapp but in the terminal. could you guide on how I could send the response back to the users whatsapp.

Like for example how where do I pass in my whatsapp URL, Headers with token and body. Like does Rasa have an object which lets me send messages to an output.

Can you share your connector code? It should define the output channel to send messages back to.