Create a custom socketio channel

Hi, I want to log the user message and bot response into a seperate database or log. Can anyone suggest me how can I do this. Or can anyone give me an example script to run rasa socketio channel and procedure to do this.


In th docs there is an example, but I cant understand how to call the file from credentials and what are the arguments to use.

HI @azharameen. If you want to save the messages in a separate database or log, you need a different tracker store rather than a custom connector. We have some documentation on available pre-built tracker stores here. Can you tell me more, where you would like to store the messages so I could provide you with more specific help?

Thanks @Juste, I am using MongoDB tracker store as in documentation. All the conversation stored in conversations collection, including bot actions and events. In my app i want to store some data in conversation also i’ll be using “/” commands to fill slots, and button payloads will be visible when retrive it. I dont want to show any commands to user like /show_me_profile or /place_order{“item”:“milkshake”,“qty”:“2”} instead “Bring me 2 Milkshake” I want to protect user to run commands, but internally i want to run commands from client side. How can I acheive this. Suggest me an idea. thanks