Custom tracker saving only what user and bot uttered

Hi everyone :slight_smile: ,

I have a rasa chatbot that stores conversations in mongoDB using the tracker_store provided by rasa. However the conversations that are stored in mongoDB have a lot of information that we do not need.

Is it possible to make a custom tracker that only stores basic info like, sender_id and what the user and the bot uttered?

Thank you! Natalia

Heya @NataliaFavila! In short answer, No. As tracker_store store all the conversation of bot/user like you see in the --debug logs (Personally I never seen selected information) but on the otherhand, you can use to store the value whilst using python code in .csv, please see this youtube video : HOW TO STORE THE CONVERSATIONS TO CSV/TXT FILE IN RASA X | INNOVATE YOURSELF - YouTube

I hope this suggestion helped you to solve your use case. Good Luck!

Hi @nik202 thank you for your answer! I will check out the video, it seems that it might be what Iā€™m looking for.

@NataliaFavila Cool, If this solution/suggestion solved your issue, please close this thread for others user when you return and good luck and keep safe!