Core comparison mode failing

After running rasa train core, i attempt run rasa test core -m models/core-20190710-191634.tar.gz models/core-20190710-175748.tar.gz --out results/ -s data/100/ nonetheless i get the following error: - Invalid story file format. Failed to parse '/var/folders/9l/mk971ts90wzfjs7yqzrv1zsc0000gp/T/tmpd2d70rsg/'39

Can you share the content of data/100/ with us? Seems like there is a syntax error in it.

Sure this is it: (4.9 KB)

Nonethless the command only fails in comparison mode, if i only input one model it does not generate errors.

@guillecarc Seems like it’s a bug. I created an issue so that it’s hopefully tackled soon :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: