Conversation data is not displaying the rasa x ui when using with mongo tracker

Users Conversation data is adding in mongoDB. But Rasa X is not fetching the users conversation data and not displaying the rasa x ui

Hi there, are you trying to get old conversations from the tracker store to appear or just the new ones coming in? Can you share your endpoints.yml?

Old conversation or new conversation both are not displaying in conversation list


tracker_store: type: mongod url: mongodb://mongo:27017 db: rasa username: “” password: “”

And where are the new conversations coming in from?

There are no new or old conversations are displaying It is completely with blank

Right, but I mean, where are the new conversations supposed to be coming from? I see that you have a tracker store set up, do you have a bot up and running and writing to it? Can you see those conversations in the tracker store?