Contradicting rules or stories found 🚨

Hi Everyone, thanks for helping me out with this

I’m getting the error :

Contradicting rules or stories found 🚨

- the prediction of the action 'utter_ask_buyer_postcode' in story 'interactive_story_1' is contradicting with rule(s) '' which predicted action 'action_listen'.
Please update your stories and rules so that they don't contradict each other.
You can find more information about the usage of rules at 

It’s the third time I’ve had this error while trying to training using ’ rasa interactive ’ and going through a form that’s meant to qualify a buyer lead ( hence the postcode value ). The confusing thing is that I don’t have any rules that mention the form or the postcode at all… so I don’t know how it’s contradicting.

Let me know what information I would need to supply to help solve this! I appreciate any guidance.

It seems like you have a story where utter_ask_buyer_postcode is predicted after a certain action, let’s call it utter_x, while you have a rule where utter_x is not followed by anything (and thus predicts action_listen)

@camschroedes If I will give you a one suggestion delete the rule and add more stories in stories.yml. I personally not like the rules, but some time I would like to do so if I needed, else stories is doing fine with me and with my code. Its just a friendly advice.

Try: Even you can removed that contradicting intents and mention only either in stories.yml or only in rules.yml

  • FIXED *

in stories i didn’t realise that - slot_was_set: - requested_slot: postcode would automatically trigger the form and correct utterance so I was trying to trigger it twice. Thanks for those to commented!

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