Connecting RASA(version 12) to UI

@tmbo ,@akelad

I’ve tried a weather bot tutorial similar to the weatherbot example by Justina Petra(Using latest versions of RASA)[Latest%20release%20of%20Rasa%20NLU%20and%20Rasa%20Core]

Even though im getting proper response in the backend,after integrating with the frontend ,response in not getting fetched in the UI.

How do I connect to HTML frontend instead of Slack and what channel should I be using for it? Please help me in this @Juste

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Hi, I connected this bot to scalableminds’ chatroom just as it is described here: Github Repo

After cloning the repository execute yarn install, yarn build and yarn serve. (Get yarn here) Your HTML frontend be available on localhost:8080 (or whatever the console will show you).

Usage with a standard Rasa Core project

  • Copy rasa_utils to your project
  • Install the Python dependencies from rasa_utils/requirements.txt
  • Run your bot with python -m -d models/current/dialogue -u models/current/nlu
  • The bot server will be available at

You might have to change the paths for your dialogue model and the nlu model.

But: I am facing another issue (because of which i actualy visited the community forum :wink: ): I can’t run any custom action using the html front end.

2019-01-31 09:43:08 ERROR rasa_core.actions.action - Failed to run custom action ‘action_order’. Action server responded with a non 200 status code of 404. Make sure your action server properly runs actions and returns a 200 once the action is executed. Error: 404 Client Error: NOT FOUND for url: http://localhost:5055/webhook/ 2019-01-31 09:43:08 ERROR rasa_core.processor - Encountered an exception while running action ‘action_order’. Bot will continue, but the actions events are lost. Make sure to fix the exception in your custom code.

There is no further description of this exception shown in the console. The action endpoint simply answers - - [2019-01-31 09:43:08] “POST /webhook/ HTTP/1.1” 404 342 0.017005

Please let me know if you are facing the same issue.

hey @Prabha you can use RestInput Channel to connect your bot to HTML frontend, you can read it here : and if you want the code for connecting to custom UI(HTML Frontend), I have created a custom UI you can get details here :

Hey @Prabha. The suggestions above should get you where you want to go. You can also check out the Rasa Webchat - a great contribution from our community. I wrote a little guide on how to use it in practice here.