Custom Channel Connector for WhatsApp

Hey there everyone, I am looking for a way to build a custom channel connector for WhatsApp if it is possible, I know about connecting RASA chatbot with WhatsApp using Twillio but I want to make it custom. Looking for your insights on this if it is possible let’s build it together.


Yes, copy the source code from one of the existing channels and modify it for WhatsApp. You can look through the channel source code here.

Thank for sharing.

Sure, I would join you in this effort. I am familiar with the WhatsApp Cloud API and currently also working on the heyoo framework (a python wrapper for the cloud API). I know the library is not perfect, but maybe it can also help for the Rasa connector.

@soerenetler lets connect on github then we can proceed further. My github profile : maharanasarkar

Hi @maharana I’m also interested in writing the whatsapp connector, Will be happy to join you guys to work on it

@anoopshrma great, I have created a github repo rasa-whatsapp_connector we can start there.

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If you’re looking for a starting point, we’ve created a Rasa connector for a WhatsApp BSP here: praekeltfoundation/turn-rasa-connector: A Rasa Connector for ( , which very closely follows the self-hosted API.

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I am also interested in helping and I am specifically interested in sending messages with buttons. Please let me know how can I help

Should I create a groupchat where we can communicate, if yes which platform would be more accessible to everyone?

I looked into heyoo framework. I think it will be super easy to use heyoo whatsapp class to write the custom whatsapp connector. Would you like to connect over some channel like discord or zoom to discuss more details?

For me discord, whatsApp, signal, telegram all are fine. I am looking forward to it.

Sounds great. Best would be a short zoom call to discuss. I am free the rest of today, most of tomorrow and wednesday. Just send a short mail to

@agokrani I also looked into the heyoo framework and tried to use it as I have a whatsapp business api , I initially tried to send a message to test the framework but got some error we might be able to figure that out when we start working on it once.

Sure :slight_smile: There might also be some bugs in the code (and also in the WhatsApp Cloud API). We are still working on that.

I am sorry. I was really busy today. I will send you email tomorrow morning and we can setup a time for the zoom call.

@maharana can you also share your email here so we can sync up on this with a zoom call. here this is my personal email.

hi @maharana ,

My github profile is Anoop Sharma. Could you add me to the project repo as well