Config.yml' does not exist

rasa (1.1.8) rasa-core (0.14.5) rasa-core-sdk (0.14.0) rasa-nlu (0.15.1) rasa-sdk (1.1.1) rasa-x (0.20.0)

Did you run a rasa init before your rasa train?

No… i used “rasa train”… which trains both nlu and dialogue models… I dint hav config.yml in exectable… So this error popped… i changed my directory to the executable which had config.yml and the problem was solved… Thank you…@samsudder

hey, can you please explain how you solved this specific problem

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can you please explain how did you change directory ?

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hey, i have the same problem can you tell me please how you exactly solved it?

The problem is, the current working directory hasn’t been selected. Use cd to select the working environment. For example: cd C:\Users\Jinu Augustine\Documents\rasabot. Try rasa train nlu after this, it should work.

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Thanks everyone for the support. It was helpful :slight_smile: