Conecting initial Rasa project to Unity?

Hi everyone, please help as I am completely and totally lost. I have been reading through the documentation on the Rasa website back and forth for the past week. I’m not sure if maybe I’m misunderstanding something or if I’m lacking knowledge in something so please bear with me.

Rasa creates a very basic, initial project if you run " rasa init " on Anaconda or whatever shell of choice. What I want to do is connect this initial project to Unity. I already have a chat box set up on Unity (although I’m sure this will work well enough by just printing things to Unity’s Debug log). I want to be able to greet the bot in Unity and get its response and display it on Unity.

Here is my understanding of what I need to do:

  1. Start up Rasa server (“rasa run -m models --enable-api”)
  2. In Unity, send a POST request to the actions endpoint with the message I want
  3. In Unity, retrieve the response from the bot via GET request.

Is this correct? Am I misunderstanding something? Or do I need to be sending a PUT request to the action server (and how would I run both an action and rasa server at once?)

I have very extremely limited understanding of computer networking so please be patient with me as I’m still trying to learn.

For the record, yes I have watched the weatherbot tutorial and I’m not quite sure if what I’m looking for was covered in the tutorial.

Did you already take a look at Custom Connectors? Is that an option?

If you have custom actions, you need to start the action server alongside the rasa server. To do that you need to execute rasa run actions. You can run it either in the background or in a separate terminal to see potential errors.

To start the rasa server you already found the correct command rasa run -m models --enable-api. The endpoints that are available for the rasa server are described here.

To actually interpret a message and predict the next action via the API, you need to call a couple of more endpoints. Building a custom connector might be easier for you. Please let me know if you consider that option. Otherwise, I can help you with the endpoints you need to call.