Need help with Conditional Intent


(Nilamjyoti Goswami) #1


Need help with conditional Intent

Looking for a way to write story or action , to handle usecase where User Intent is dependent on previous actions result

Suppose, user checks for food, and bot finds wheather as sunny and bot ask if user wants drinks . And if bot finds wheather as cold and bot ask if user wants soup.

If such case, how to write a story , where user intent is to affirm to one of the conditional response from bot.

(Akela Drissner) #2

Store this information in slots, and write stories based on that. You can check in a custom action whether the weather is cold, and then the bot should recommend soup

(Yogesh Kothiya) #3

Use slot as categorical type. Check Where you can replace premium as let’s sunny weather and basic as cold weather.

In custom action you can check current weather using let’s say weather API and respond accordingly.