components/schemas/Tracker in rasa_core/docs/core/_static/spec/server.yml seems out of sync


The Tracker scheme in rasa_core/docs/core/_static/spec/server.yml is referenced from rasa_core/docs/core/_static/spec/action_server.yml. It mentions that the slots property is an array of slots, but the documentation at Actions shows that the slots property should be a dictionary…

Is the swagger/openapi file correct, and is the code not yet ready? Or should the yml file be updated to be in sync with the code?

Thanks for any clarification, best regards,


Hi, are you talking about within the response for Run an action in a conversation? If so, i think you’re right – everywhere else on the page slots is a dictionary, but it’s a list there. I think that list is supposed to be a dictionary.

I was talking about the API of the action server, where a serialised tracker is expected as input. The dialogue code exports a slots dictionary, but the interface definition mentions a list. Your link (Run an action in a conversation) is probably the same issue, because the code uses the same mechanism to serialise the tracker.