Some questions about the json response

Hi, I’ve got some questions about the published api at Rasa & Rasa Pro Documentation

From a custom action, my server gets the request request.json (8.7 KB)

It seems quite a bit different then the published one, especially

  • there is a sender_id on top level and in tracker - but no conversation_id?
  • slots are not in an array?
  • in entities there is an attribute extractor?
  • events have lots of attributes, which are not documented (e.g. name, policy, confidence, parse_data, …)?
  • domain does have an attribut session_config?
  • in intents, there is an additional property ignore_entities (array)?
  • value is not an property in slots, but max_value/min_value?
  • properties in templates are an array?
  • there is an additional attribute forms in domain?
  • there is an additional attribute version on top-level?

Where can I find the up-to-date documentation or what do I wrong?