Actions tracker.get_slot not returning all the values in list


Rasa Version : Rasa 1.3

I am accessing slot in my using tracker.get_slot , but for list slot its not returning all the values in the list.

Here is the slot set while doing interactive training :slight_smile:

 5    slot{"city":                                                                                                                   
      ["2 bathrooms",                                                                                                                
      "1 bedrooms"]}                                                                                                                 
      ": "2 mm"}                                                                                                                     
      type": "condo"}                                                                                                                
      action_home_search 1.00                                                                                                        

Current slots:
        city: fellsmere, feature: ['2 bathrooms', '1 bedrooms'], price_min: 2 mm, property_type: condo

in my I am accessing these slots to query the real estate data as

payload = {"city":tracker.get_slot("city"), "property_type": tracker.get_slot("property_type"),"price_min": tracker.get_slot("price_min"),"feature": tracker.get_slot("feature")}

but when I see my logs for what request rasa has sent it doesn’t send all the features , the logs are below:

production.INFO: array ( ‘city’ => ‘fellsmere’, ‘property_type’ => ‘mobile home’, ‘price_min’ => ‘2 mm’, ‘feature’ => ‘5 bathrooms’, ‘intent’ => ‘home_search’, )

Hi @stacybot,

Did you define the slot as a list slot in the domain.yml ?

@fuih, really sorry for the late reply, yes the issue was resolved. Thank you!

how did you resolve that issue?