Code for nlu

Hey everyone,
I installed Rasa and created a project with the rasa init --no-prompt command, I want to know is that the NLU part does not contain any python code only the training data and the and piplines configuration ?

Hi @Salma,

The NLU part includes all the python code that is needed for intent classification, response retrieval and entity extraction. This code is stored in a folder in your Rasa installation.

In your project folder, the only things related to NLU are the NLU training data and the pipeline configurations, yes. When you run rasa train, the python code uses those and the Core data to train a model. You can also train a model on only the NLU training data by running rasa train nlu.

You can find more information on Rasa NLU in our docs.

hi @chkoss , thank u