Clicking on a button to navigate to a link

Hi All,

This is a fairly simple question, and I might be missing an obvious solution so apologies in advance! How do I setup a button in my domain.yml file, so that when I click on the button, it directly navigates me to the URL that I specified.

For instance:

  - buttons:
    - payload:
      title: Test
    text: 'Click here to go to the website!'

But when I click on the button, I simply get the actual text as the payload instead of being navigated to another link. Thank you!

Hm, I think this will have to be on your front-end. When you click a button, the payload goes to Rasa, and rasa can’t open a url for you. The front-end has to decide, if that button(link) is clicked, to open the url. For example, slack has link buttons (explained here), described as They're just links that look like buttons. Unfortunately I don’t think those are supported in the socket widget.

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Sounds good! I will just use the markdown format for now, and I will add actual buttons that redirect when progressing further down the road. Thanks Ella!