Clarification needed with entity declaration

The Rasa docs here have an example with these two lines of sample sentences:

- how much do I have on my [savings](source_account) <!-- entity "source_account" has value "savings" -->
- how much do I have on my [savings account](source_account:savings) <!-- synonyms, method 1-->

What causes that in one example the intent type is simply “source_account” while in the other it’s “source_account:savings”? In this particular example why can’t both be the same, since “savings” is named in both cases?

It is just another syntax to define synonyms. In the second case, we are just saying savings account is a synonym for savings.

My question is rather about the part in the ( ) parentheses. That section is the data that will go into the functions. So why do we have to declare them differently if they’re referring to the same thing?