"Anything" Entity?


I’ve just started experimenting with Rasa and one of the things I’m trying to figure out is if it is possible to have an “anything” entity. I know that in the training data you can have something like:

## intent:check_balance

- how much do I have in my [savings account](source_account:savings)

but is there something more generic like:

## intent:set_name

- call me [?](user_name)

- I like to be called [?](user_name)

where ‘[?]’ means anything, so that I can have a dialog like:

me: hello

bot: hi! what's your name?

me: call me Ayal

bot: nice to meet you Ayal

Thanks in advance - AYAL

Hello @aspitz, welcome to the forum!

You can provide many examples and hope that Rasa NLU learns the pattern. Remember that the user might not reply the way you think. For example “I like to be called by my name, which is X” or something. Or you can use a Regex (see Entity Extraction).