Conflicting synonym definitions on nlu training

Hello! Can someone explain to me why I'm getting this warning:

Found conflicting synonym definitions for u’a’. Overwriting target ‘b’ with ‘c’. Check your training data and remove conflicting synonym definitions to prevent this from happening

But I don’t have any synonyms for this entity or for the values.

In my training data I have something like: { “end”: 45, “entity”: “data”, “start”: 40, “value”: “d” }, { “end”: 57, “entity”: “data”, “start”: 50, “value”: “c” }

If you have data where the text is different than the value for the entity then synonyms will still get used. You havent shown the text but for e,.g text:“something abcblah” { “end”: 57, “entity”: “data”, “start”: 50, “value”: “c” } where abcblah is characters 50 to 57 and

text:“something else abcblah” { “end”: 67, “entity”: “data”, “start”: 60, “value”: “a” } will give you this error

You need to check the training data.

Hi. The value is always the same as the text. Something like:

"text": "(...) between 168 arcsec and 168 m/s (...)",
    "intent": "ask_query",
    "entities": [
      "end": 41,
      "entity": "data_value",
      "start": 31,
      "value": "120 arcsec"
      "end": 53,
      "entity": "data_value",
      "start": 46,
      "value": "122 m/s"

Its going to be difficult to tell without your complete data. the system is complaining because of another record. Youll have to check all instances of your ‘a’ , ‘b’ and ‘c’.

I think I found the problem. Thank you!

You should probably describe your issue/solution in case others run into the same thing

It was something the code I was using to generate my training data did that I hadn’t notice. It’s not really a rasa problem…