Cisco Webex Teams Connector


I’m new to Rasa. I try to run my Rasa bot with Cisco Webex Teams. On my computer I started ngrok http 5002 and Rasa with rasa run --port 5002 --credentials credentials.yml

I created an integration based on this guide: Cisco Integration

I’m not quite sure what redirect_uri I have to choose. I tried with I can see a GET request to ngrok. But this method seems to be not allowed. This is the message from ngrok: GET /webhooks/webexteams/webhook 405 Method Not Allowed

Do you have any idea for this? Is it correct to start Rasa with this special port?

Well per that doc it should be http://localhost:5005/webhooks/webexteams/webhook so in the case of ngrok it would be I haven’t tried myself with a custom port like that, I can test it in a few with my mattermost channel and see what it does.