Change the key format from text to link

I am receiving this message from rasa. As you see in the rounded part, the key is text and the value is a link, Is there a way to change this key from text to link?

hi @nls - which API are you calling to get this response? Can you please give an example of what you would like the output to look like?

Hi @amn41,

I am using this API https://ipaddress/webhooks/rest/webhook to get the response and most of the responses are coming from rasa. As you can see in the below image, I am using dispatcher.utter_message() to send the response. image

But If you see in the below image I am receiving every message with key name as text only For example, in this image at index 1, we have a key name as text and its value is a link. image

But I want to change the key name from text to link like as shown at the index 1 in image image