Carousel not showing in rasa webchat

This is my code:

 message = {
					"attachment": {
						"type": "template",
						"payload": {
							"template_type": "generic",
							"elements": [
									"title": "Title",
									"buttons": [{
										"title": "Link name",
										"url": "http://link.url"

I am trying to show carousel but it isnt showing.

any help would be very appreciated. @JiteshGaikwad

can you tell which chat UI you are using?

This is the integration for webchat:

<div id="webchat"></div>
<script src=""></script>

    selector: "#webchat",
    customData: {"language": "en"}, // arbitrary custom data. Stay minimal as this will be added to the socket
    socketUrl: "http://localhost:5005",
    socketPath: "/",
    title: "Rasa WebChat",
    subtitle: "Subtitle",
    params: {"storage": "session"} // can be set to "local"  or "session". details in storage section.

@JiteshGaikwad please check and let me know the solution please?